Hey Friends! I’m Kelly Berry, owner and operator of Kelly Anne Photography. I have been a Georgia wedding photographer for the last 10 years, and I love every single minute of it.

My life’s work has become more of a way of life. And life is messy. But living on our farm in the Blue Ridge foothills in Ball Ground Georgia is not just where my life is, it’s where my heart is.

I live with my husband, four dogs, three cats, two horses, cows, sheep and our mini pony Banjo, on 17 acres we affectionately call Chipper Ridge Farms. I started Kelly Anne Photography nearly a decade ago after graduating with a Fine Art degree from Georgia Southern University. Today, I proudly call myself a fine art wedding photographer and small business owner, and I fall more in love with wedding photography every single day.

Something has always drawn me to the country. Maybe it’s the sunrises that make you feel a little closer to heaven. To say my home is an inspiration for my work would be an understatement. I can't imagine a life where I had chosen to be anything other than a wedding photographer right here in beautiful Georgia.

 I do what I love every day. And it’s true. I do. (pun intended) Do what you love. Those are words I live by. So, here I am today and I hope we get to meet soon and talk about capturing what you love.

It makes my job more than rewarding; It’s a way of life.

Art is not 

what you see, 


what you make

others see.

Edgar Degas

What most inspires me and makes me truly love what I do is the people and clients I get to work with. That’s another perk of being a wedding photographer. Meeting new people! I’ve been told I never meet a stranger.

Each time my clients grant me the honor of photographing them, I consider our time together a privilege. Each meeting I strive to create a comfortable and fun atmosphere which brings out the best smiles and most importantly, the best memories.

It’s all about the experience! Every time my clients look at their photos, I want them to remember feeling beautiful, I want them to remember feeling in love, I want them to remember having fun. Whatever wedding, engagement or celebration of love brings clients my way, I strive to evoke that love and make those precious moments even more beautiful through my lens.

It’s the memories of these experiences that are priceless. Photographs are after all a frozen reminder of the some of the best times of your life. I hope you'll consider allowing me the honor and privilege of being the one to capture the moments that you will keep forever.

With Love,